Here at Recon Wheel and Bumper we are positive that we will become your bumper and wheel repair headquarters.  We offer unbeatable prices and fantastic service. 

  • Wheel Reconditioning
    • Custom Finishes Available to Meet Your Needs
    • For Aluminum Wheels for Cars, Trucks, & SUVs
    • Includes Straighten the Rim, Rewelding, Remachining, Rechroming, & Repainting
  • Bumper Reconditioning
    • Available for Bumpers for Cars, Trucks, & SUVs
    • Recondition Fiberglass or Metal Bumpers
    • Reconditioning Includes Straightening the Bumper, Rewelding, Rechroming, & Repriming
  • Auto Supplies
    • Transtarâ„¢ Paint, Binders, & Masking Paper

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Phone: 909-988-5600